How to setup SS for Windows Xp/7/8/10

This is a tutorial on how to manually connect to SS on Windows OS

Download windows client

For win xp , Make sure that your Windows system has .NET Framework 4.6.2 installed  Download

Now let’s see how we can install the client on a Windows 10 VM. Open this Link to Shadosocks Clients. Download the package for your Windows VM, extract it and click on the package to execute it. Make sure that your Windows system has .NET Framework 4.6.2 installed other wise you will not be able to install the Shadowsocks client package.




Once installed, launch the client and configure the server parameters in it as shown below.



please inpute below: you can check account information at member area.


Server IP:

Server Port:



Don't change 

Encryption: aes-256-cfb

proxy port : 1080



 Press 'OK' key to complete the Shadosocks client setup for Windows to connect to the the remote Shadosocks Proxy 


Click Enable System proxy, and for Mode choose Global




Connect to the site according to the file that describes the rule to go through the server when visiting a site. It is possible to use how to say that the Chinese site is connected directly, overseas go through the proxy server.


All connections are connected to the Internet via the server. Basically please use Global.