How to setup shadowsocks for Mac OS

1、Install the client. This is the app that you will be using to connect to our server

Client APP Download ShadowsocksX-NG  ShadowsocksX-NG


Note: If you can not open the application, please see here.


Installation will be completed if the aircraft mark is displayed in the menu bar.

mac shadowsocks


2、you can find QR Code or Proxy URI  at Member area


shadowsocks mac client


Configure your applications. choose Server-- Open Server Preferences...


mac shadowsocks startvpn

mac shadowsocks startvpn

mac shadowsocks startvpn


mac shadowsocks


Click Turn Shadowsocks On

Chooe Global Mode


mac shadowsocks  


Connection mode

Basically connect in Global Mode. People who frequently visit Chinese sites, please choose “Auto Mode by PAC”.

Auto Mode by PAC


It is a black list system. Follow the list of websites blocked by GFW (Great Firewall), only blocked sites will connect via ss server.